maneuvering area

maneuvering area
área de manobra

English-Portuguese dictionary of military terminology. 2014.

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  • Maneuvering area — The maneuvering area, manoeuvring area, or movement area is the part of the airport used by aircraft for landing, takeoff and taxiing that does not include the airport ramp. The terms are used differently in the United States and Canada. In the… …   Wikipedia

  • maneuvering area — That part of an aerodrome to be used for takeoffs, landing of aircraft, and the movement of aircraft associated with takeoff and landing. The apron does not form a part of the maneuvering area …   Aviation dictionary

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  • Non-movement area — Non movement areas are areas not controlled by the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower normally found at larger airports. A special marking on the airport known as the non movement area boundary marking is normally used by larger airports to delineate… …   Wikipedia

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